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Gain a strong competitive advantage and connect with clients on a whole new level! A responsive design adapts itself to a particular viewing environment such as desktop, tablet, or mobile without the need for separate layouts for varying platforms.responsive-website-design-law-firms


Website Design & Development Services in Petaluma

Connect with new prospects in the San Francisco Bay Area with a professional website

Regardless the type of marketing you are currently deploying, your website is the hub of all other marketing and referrals. Why? Because all else is simply a "trigger" to get them to the website, where they will go to "get a feel" for who you are, and how you might be able to help them. This is often where new business is won, or lost. Consider that even the strongest of referrals will first look you up on the search engines, then navigate to your website, if they can find it, prior to contacting you or your competition. 

And what if prospective clients who are seeking your products or services do not know who you are.  Will they find you?

Determine the right website development solution for your company

Buchanan Web Marketing is a website development and online marketing company in Petaluma, CA. Our affordable website features are customized to meet the specific goals and objectives of your business, today and into the future. We are different because our scalable and modular approach allows you to start at a level you are comfortable with, and grow as your business grows. A key measure of success is return on investment (ROI), so regardless of which level you start at with Buchanan Web Marketing, you can be confident that the ROI will be the best among any other form of marketing. Contact us today for more information about our website solutions and scalable approach and comprehensive suite of internet marketing services that can be customized to create an online solution that meets your company's marketing and business development needs.

We develop search optimized websites for all types of businesses including: chiropractors, dentists, lawyers, buisness lenders, leather repair companies, and any small business that needs high online visibility and new client/customer conversion.

Developed and maintained with experience, Buchanan Web Marketing's affordable solutions produce results with:

  • Custom content:  valuable custom written content that builds trust with prospective clients, developed by Buchanan Web Marketing professional internet copywriters.
  • Blog services:  Blog methods that impact results with major search engines, and leverage the reach and influence of relevant social media for expanded visibility, traffic and conversion.
  • Custom website design:  custom design from our best-in-class website designers that helps your company stand out in the marketplace and attract the clients you need to grow your business. 
  • Search engine optimization:  online visibility development expertise from Buchanan Web Marketing SEO expertise.
  • Social media solutionsmanage your image and brand online, and manage your portfolio across all relevant platforms to drive results.
  • Email solutionsDependable, and full-featured email services you can count on.


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Buchanan Web Marketing makes it simple. Serving website development clients throughout the Sonoma county and San Francisco Bay Area, California, we will manage the entire process for you from goal setting through strategy and implementation. Buchanan Web Marketing will continue to monitor to ensure that your website continues to deliver results.  Contact us online to discuss how we can take your website to a higher level.



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