Your Web Site is the Hub of Your Marketing

Internet marketing for your bay area business development is about more than just having a website.  It is critical to understand that your website is the hub of all other marketing and lead-generating efforts.  Regardless of how they hear about you, most prospects - even the strongest of referrals -  will first visit your website to collect information and "get a feel" for you and your company are before they contact you.  It is not uncommon for a prospective client to look at others offering similar services or products before deciding to contact the best one for their needs. 

How well does your Bay Area company stand up against competitors online? 

Are you winning the confidence of prospective clients?  The reality with referral "word of mouth" clients, is that you most often never know how many DIDN'T contact you.  And chances are, if you do not have a strong Internet presence, you could potentially be missing out on profitable business.  Having a strong Web presence, in any economic environment, can dramatically boost your business by working to capture market share.

All other marketing efforts are a "trigger" to get them to the website

Think of your website like a funnel where traffic from all your marketing efforts -- from search engines, print ads, radio, TV, online directories, yellow pages, and even referrals -- eventually arrives.  An optimized, content-rich site is a key resource for establishing your brand, educating site visitors and converting them to clients.  It's your first impression, at any time, day or night!  That's why regardless of the mix of marketing you do, the website should be the first money you invest.  Everything else comes next, because without an effective website, your other marketing dollars will not be as effective.

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