What Makes an Effective Website

Tell YOUR story.  What Makes You Stand Out...

Does your company website tell that story effectively? The website is the hub of all other forms of marketing and referrals. In order to generate and convert quality leads online for your business, these three hallmarks of effective websites must be established in order to convey your company's focus, image, and reputation effectively online.


Can prospects find your website among the crowd of other firms offering related services? Effective websites are optimized for search engine visibility through methods including search focused content, link management, and keywords.  To learn more about effective SEO methods, read our Blog article "Search Engine Tips to Increase Visibility for Your Sonoma County Business"

Design & Content

Your website is your first impression. It is a "handshake" at any time, day or night for those seeing information about your products or services. Are you putting your best into your first impression? It is important to use colors, images and content that quickly tell the story of who you are, what you do, the areas you serve, and give them a strong call to action and make it easy to contact you. 

You have less than 2 seconds

The key is to capture their attention before they continue on in their search. The goal is to get the right prospects to your site (visibility), keep them there, and convert them into a contact (design and content) so that you can do what you do best:  win them as a new client and grow your business!  Have you considered that even the strongest referral will first look up your website to get a "feel" for who you are and what you do?  With computers, smart phones, iPads, Tablets, etc., it is even easier today to quickly look a business up.  And the reality is that prospects make split decisions on who to contact, based on if they can find them online, and how the website makes them "feel".

While an effective website design attracts visitors, content keeps them. Effective content builds your search engine visibility, establishes you as the expert, and qualifies prospects. Short, easy to find text, and ease of navigation within the text and design structure, helps visitors to find relevant information fast.  Want to learn ways to improve your website and Internet presence? Take a few minutes and fill out our FREE WEBSITE AUDIT request form.

Connecting & Converting:  Growing your business

Once the search engine brings qualified prospects to your website, does your website engage them? Do visitors see themselves and their situations in your content, and what it will be like to work with you or your company? Most importantly, are you establishing trust so they take the final, most important step:  Do they “convert,” or contact you and become a client or customer? Effectively developing strong visibility, content, and design is a critical factor in the Internet marketing ROI equation: converting visitors into profitable clients! That is what we do best! Miss just one of these elements, and your online marketing will not be effective in driving new, profitable clients to your business.

It's time to leap ahead of your competitors!

Your website should strongly tell YOUR story, and what sets you apart, and create the necessary trust for prospects to contact you and not your competitors. Custom content about you helps potential clients understand why your company is the right choice. To learn more about how Petaluma based Buchanan Web Marketing can help you grow your Sonoma County business online, contact us today.



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