Why Internet Marketing?

San Francisco Bay Area Website Marketing

A well written and designed website from Buchanan Web Marketing can make your company the best source people see when searching online for your products & services, and can help prospects quickly understand your value and what sets you apart from competitors in your marketplace, which will work hard to funnel qualified prospects to your business here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Does your website stand out from the others in your market?

Approximately 90 percent of all Internet users use search engines on a daily basis1.  Isn’t it time for you to make certain that you are being found?

Consider the following:

Your company already has a website:

Does your website compete strongly in the marketplace and stand out from your competition?  A FREE website audit will rate key variables that can affect your website’s performance.  We will help you understand and interpret the results, and take action to improve your website’s effectiveness.

You are already advertising in the Yellow Pages:

A print advertisement cannot give prospects the assurance they need that you are the right resource for them.  Yellow Pages usage continues to decline dramatically as consumers turn away from this static resource as a primary research tool for local businesses.  In addition, Yellow Pages do not offer the real time performance tracking and lead generating insights of online marketing. Read more >> Print vs. Online.

Most of your business comes from referrals:

Referrals are a significant part in delivering new business to your company.  When a person needs your product or services, they likely need further validation that you are the right resource before contacting you.  A website can tell a more of a dynamic story about the value you offer, helping visitors to understand what the experience of working with you will be like.  Read More >> Your Website is the Hub of Your Marketing

Your company is already busy and you are concerned about taking on more business:

Is your current client mix the kind of business that you enjoy most, and is it the most profitable for your business?  An effective custom website can help you attract more of the types of clients & customers you want to serve.  Through custom design and optimized content, along with geographical SEO best practices and targeting, your website will help you to connect with more quality prospects, and more quickly convert your most qualified prospects into more business.

You are worried about the cost of building or maintaining a website and related services:

Website and online marketing solutions from Buchanan Web Marketing are designed to support your individual business objectives within your budget.  We offer companies in Petaluma and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area like yours a comprehensive selection of online marketing services that can be customized to create an internet solution that meets your business needs for you today, then grow your online marketing as your business expands.   Contact us today to evaluate your current strategy, learn best practices, and learn what you can do to see more success online.  For important tips on how to improve your existing website marketing strategy, subscribe to our Blog!

1: Pew Internet & American Life Project, Search Engine Use, 2008



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