GooglePNG2Happy Thursday, everyone!

Quick! What’s the FIRST thing that comes to mind when you hear the words “social media”?  If you thought “Facebook”…”twitter”...”LinkedIn”, you’re not alone.  But what about Google+?

Despite Google’s extensive pedigree, Google+ often seems to be left out.

But for your business to leave it out can be a mistake.  In fact, there are great reasons for why companies should take a strong look at Google+ as a social media solutions marketing tool.  Here are five reasons to consider:

ONE: Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Google+ business pages are indexed by Google, which boosts them in search rankings.  But that’s just the start:

TWO: Segmentation

While LinkedIn and Facebook have “groups”, Google+ has “Circles”.  Similar in concept, Google+ Circles currently offer more robust options for segmentation, allowing you to target individual posts to specific circles of people within your network.  It also features sophisticated analytic tools to identify who clicked on your posts, which posts were shared, what posts received endorsements, etc.

THREE: Local Visibility

According to Google, roughly 97% of consumers look for local businesses online.  Stated differently, potential clients are looking for companies like YOURS by way of the Internet.  The key to connecting with prospective customers and clients is visibility.  Google+ can help to raise that visibility in addition to helping your other Search Engine Optimization efforts!  Google recently revamped its free Google Places platform allowing companies to claim and edit their local listings.  In its place: Google+ Local Pages.  Internet searchers can see the company description, contact details, address, etc., but in addition, they will also see your Google+ page (if you have one).  The upside: Increased local visibility and potential to connect with prospective customers and clients!

FOUR: Staying power

While some of the other Google social offerings—Buzz, & Wave online collaboration service--have died quick deaths, Google appears to be committed to Google+.  In fact, you can make the case that Google+ is not as much a social network as it is a far-reaching strategy to improve the search experience.  And it has only started. Google recently made the addition of video chat functionality and recently announced that it will add Google+ functionality into the enterprise version of its Google Apps suite.  Additions are soon to come, no doubt.

FIVE:  IT'S FREE!!  So get going!

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