TGaffeyI want to personally throw out a BIG congratulations to Tom Gaffey for being recognized with the honor of Petaluma’s Person of the Year!  As a former “Phoenix Kid”, and personal friend, I can tell you it’s well deserved! 

Gaffey, my family and I love you and the work you do and have done for the kids of this community over the years!  Thank you for being so great to my kids!

For those who’ve been inspired or supported in any way by Tom Gaffey and the Phoenix Theater, helping out is as easy as clicking this link:  Donate to the Phoenix Theater.  They’re a 501(c)(3) now, so it’s tax-deductible. Now is the time to help out. Countless people have seen firsthand the benefits to having Tom Gaffey at the Phoenix Theater.  If enough of us pitch in, we can help support one of the worthiest causes in Sonoma County.  Every bit helps.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!