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Tom Gaffey Honored as Petaluma's Person of the Year!

TGaffeyI want to personally throw out a BIG congratulations to Tom Gaffey for being recognized with the honor of Petaluma’s Person of the Year!  As a former “Phoenix Kid”, and personal friend, I can tell you it’s well deserved! 

Gaffey, my family and I love you and the work you do and have done for the kids of this community over the years!  Thank you for being so great to my kids!

For those who’ve been inspired or supported in any way by Tom Gaffey and the Phoenix Theater, helping out is as easy as clicking this link:  Donate to the Phoenix Theater.  They’re a 501(c)(3) now, so it’s tax-deductible. Now is the time to help out. Countless people have seen firsthand the benefits to having Tom Gaffey at the Phoenix Theater.  If enough of us pitch in, we can help support one of the worthiest causes in Sonoma County.  Every bit helps.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!

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3 Key Ingredients to Effective Online Reputation Management For Your San Francisco Bay Area Business

Consider this: At this very moment, a bored teenager could be posting a flaming — and entirely fabricated — review of your business on an online referral site such as Yelp or Google +.  Or, perhaps a disgruntled client could be mocking you in an online discussion group.  Or a former roommate from college could be posting unflattering mid-1980s party pictures of you to Facebook.

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5 Top Components of Effective Website Development and Design

It's Thursday!  We're almost there!

Ok...Pop Quiz:  What is the correct time it takes the average Web site visitor to develop a first impression of a website?

A) 2 seconds
  B) 6 seconds
  C) 300 milliseconds

Well, according to a recent research study by the Missouri University School of Science and Technology, the answer is (drum roll)....

C: 300 milliseconds.

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Three Ideas to Improve Your Website Conversion Rates

Now that the Thanksgiving holiday is behind us, let's get back to work!  (hope you had a great one!)

There are many good questions to ask when evaluating the effectiveness of your company’s website:

    • Is it visible to the major search engines
    • Does it have a design that compels the viewer to stay?
    • Does it work across all browsers and devices?
    • Is the structure of the navigation make for a great user experience?
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Content: Top 3 reasons to regularly add fresh content

Imagine you are searching for a family law attorney.  Your Google search shows several family law attorneys in your area.  You review two firms’ Web sites.  One is a nice looking site but standard, with attorney bios, a list of the law firm’s practice areas and generic on its approach.  The other site is similar, but also features lots of content that is relevant to what you were searching for:  family law FAQs, articles on related topics for family law, a blog by the managing partner, etc.

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Petaluma Veterans Day Parade 2012

pvfi sticker12On Sunday Nov 11th at 1:00 PM the city of Petaluma will be supporting the largest Petaluma Veterans Day Parade this side of the Golden Gate with flyovers,  music, and even a TANK!  It’s a serious world we live in, and throughout our history our veterans have sacrificed everything to ensure that we have the freedoms that make this country the greatest country in the history of the world!  Come out and show your appreciation!  Click this link for more information and to watch a video of last years event.

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Petaluma Named in the Top 10 Southwest US Finalists for Prettiest Painted Places in America!

Congratulations to our little home town for being named in the top 10 southwest US finalists for Prettiest Painted Places in America!  Petaluma Top 10 Finalists for Prettiest Painted Places in America!  Do you live in Petaluma?  Leave a comment and tell us why you love living here!



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Mobile Devices Optimization: are you missing opportunities?

Have you ever looked around a room and noticed people on their smart phones, staring at the screen intently, zooming, panning with their fingers, scrolling up and down, squinting, clicking links and waiting for something to happen?  It’s kind of funny to watch, actually!

Have YOU ever done that?  I have.  You locate the site that you are looking for, but then you need to zoom in, pan around in frustration, and further search for the information you wanted, but nothing loads correctly?  Have you ever just given up out of frustration and moved on to another site?

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Top Five Reasons to Use Google+ for Your Business

GooglePNG2Happy Thursday, everyone!

Quick! What’s the FIRST thing that comes to mind when you hear the words “social media”?  If you thought “Facebook”…”twitter”...”LinkedIn”, you’re not alone.  But what about Google+?

Despite Google’s extensive pedigree, Google+ often seems to be left out.

But for your business to leave it out can be a mistake.  In fact, there are great reasons for why companies should take a strong look at Google+ as a social media solutions marketing tool.  Here are five reasons to consider:

ONE: Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

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Search Engine Tips to Increase Visibility for Your Sonoma County Business

Get found, build your brand, and convert more and higher quality clients and customers for your San Francisco bay area business

It’s Monday…are you ready? I hope the day is a good one!

Have you ever wondered why your company’s website doesn’t show up in the major search engines?  Or perhaps your website does show up for certain popular search terms, but you are not seeing much success with new prospective customers and clients contacting your company from the internet?  Could it be that the Internet just doesn’t work as a tool for quality lead generation for businesses like yours?  Or is it possible that something is missing from your current strategy?

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Search Engine Marketing for Long-Term Success

How to choose a reputable and experienced SEO provider for your business

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  I hope you find this Blog entry helpful...

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your company’s website in order to improve the chances of it showing prominently in front of potential clients and customers.  SEO is a very important part of your overall online marketing strategy.  It is certainly not the sole factor in the overall success of your marketing program, however, it is a very important piece of the puzzle that helps potential clients who are seeking products or services like yours to connect with you on the Internet.


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